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Soldo Partners is able to provide you with a full suite of taxation services for corporates, businesses and individuals. Our aim in this regard is to ensure that you pay no more tax than you need to while at the same time comply with all your taxation obligations. We are well placed to provide you with strategic advice and planning regarding the structuring of new business ventures, the purchase of existing businesses, the sale of your business and the ongoing day to day advice and assistance required to operate your business. What we do for you can be tailored to meet your needs.

Income Tax

At Soldo Partners we are able to provide you with tax advice and planning for all types of entities and business structures, whether it be for companies, trusts, partnerships, superannuation funds, sole traders or individuals. Our assistance is usually ongoing and the degree of our involvement tailored to meet your needs and ultimately to align with your objectives.

Goods and Services Tax

We believe you should be aware of GST and have an understanding of how it impacts on the daily operations of your business. At Soldo Partners we can advise you on the impact of GST and offer practical assistance to ensure your GST obligations are met, while at thesame time ensuring you do not pay more GST than is required.

Capital Gains Tax

Soldo Partners can assist with Capital Gains Tax advice and planning to ensure you take advantage of exemptions, concessions and rollovers available to you. Capital Gains Tax could apply to the sale of your business, shares, goodwill, real estate and other assets. The aim hereis to minimise capital gains tax payable and maximise the use of concessions.


Superannuation is an excellent vehicle for creating and storing wealth for your retirement. It is important to gain an understanding of  the available tax concessions. Please note that we do not hold an Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence and as such we do not deal in or provide our clients with financial advice, financial product advice and related services.

Fringe benefits tax

We can assist you in complying with the taxation requirements in respect of Fringe Benefits Tax and at the same time offer advice in relation to the benefits and concessions available in respect of salary packaging.

Private Rulings

The taxation law is complex and often open to different interpretations, especially in grey areas. We are able to assist you and provide clarity by seeking Private Binding Rulings from the Australian Taxation Office where there are areas of uncertainty.

Tax objections and appeals

The Australian Taxation Office does not always make correct decisions for a variety of reasons. At Soldo Partners we can assist you by preparing objections and, if required, Appeals against their decisions in circumstances where it is considered the law has not been correctly interpreted or applied.