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A key platform of our firms is that we really do care about our clients. We take much pride in assisting our clients and we understand that each and every one is unique and has a unique set of requirements to be fulfilled.

Accordingly, we spend a lot of time learning about each client’s business. This means we are able to “stand in their shoes” when making recommendations or working on solutions to problems which enables more effective advice and decision making to arise.

Examples include the following:

Buying or Establishing a Business

Our expertise enables us to provide quality hands on solutions to assess values of businesses, potential for growth, advice on how businesses should be structured to maximise taxation concessions while and at the same time ensuring the business structure is effective for day to day operations.

22229192.jpgFinancing and Cash Flow Planning

We are also able to offer effective solutions in assisting with bank financing of your business, the development of budgets and cash flow forecasts which are very important in enabling you to satisfy lending requirements of banks and at the same time enable effective cash management and properly plan growth for your business. We have been very successful is assisting clients with rapid growth by liaising with banks to obtain the required finance packages to enable their plans to be achieved on a sustained basis.

Selling a Business

Selling a business is a complex matter and there is a lot more involved than simply putting it up for sale. We are able to assist with strategies to determine when to sell, how to maximise the sales value of the business, how much is the business worth and how to maximise the taxation concessions which are available to you when you sell the business.

44465398.jpgSuccession Planning

Succession planning is critical for all businesses. We have been successful in putting in place the right plans to enable this to be achieved in timely and productive ways which have enabled the businesses to carry on as normal and keep all stakeholders committed and united.

Business Diagnostic Tools

By using sophisticated software products, which the large banks also use, we are able to perform diagnostic reviews of your business to assess good and bad aspects of the performance of your business. This enables areas of weakness and strength to be identified and remedial action to be implemented where required. We are able to benchmark your business against competitors in the same industry to see how you shape up. These reviews are also very useful in planning ahead as they signpost potential problems before they arise.


All aspects of taxation have become extremely complex. If a transaction is not undertaken in a certain way or wrong decisions are made or incorrect advice received, the consequences can be very detrimental. With the comprehensive in depth knowledge and experience we have we are able guide you along the way so that you are able to undertake transactions correctly, make the right decisions and take advantage of taxation concessions. This enables you to minimise taxation payable and at the same time maximise wealth for yourself and your business.